Shri Jay Patel

World Renowned Astrologers

Astrology helps us in understanding

What we can do;

How we can plan success in our lives;

How we can reduce our anxiety;

How we can prevent our vulnerability to critical diseases; in developing leadership qualities;and for looking into the future. Astrology helps us in enjoying good health, prosperity, avoiding strains in marital relationship, business and professional matters with the help of astral remedies. It also helps in attaining spiritual advancement.

Our experience of over 28 years tells us that exciting results in life are given by the strong planets. The weak planets bring setbacks, delays, denials, stress, instability and depression. The weak planets also become vulnerable for damages due to unfavorable influences in the natal chart or due to current movement of unfavorable planets.

We use strengthening astrology remedies in the form of a Special Kavach for weak benefic planets. This reduces the chances of stresses and strains. This also increases the chances of success. For reducing the impact of unfavourable planets we suggest peace making remedies. These peace making remedies are based on the planetary tastes.

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